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Ask around and most will say Carrera is one of the top brands when it comes to slot car race sets.  One of the many reasons for its popularity is that Carrera uses a wide 1/24 scale track that is able to accommodate both 1/24 and 1/32 scale slot cars.  This means that you're not limited solely to one scale, which adds variety and excitement to your race days!

Carrera DIGITAL 124 & DIGITAL 132 offers a lot of innovative features in comparison to a traditional analog slot car track. These include up to 6 cars on the same track, lane changing, autonomous cars, pit stops, timing, scoring and much more.  The ideal way to get started in Carrera DIGITAL is to purchase a DIGITAL 124 or DIGITAL 132 race set, which can be expanded with any of the additional features that you desire. 

Looking for a more traditional race set experience?  Then Carrera can also meet that need with an EVOLUTION race set, which is one car per lane slot car racing and comes with 1/24 scale track and 1/32 slot cars.  Analog is great for those who want the versatility of running a lot of different brands of slot cars, both new and old, on a track.  In comparison, DIGITAL is limited to only using digital cars.  A Carrera EVOLUTION race set will accommodate both 1/24 and 1/32 scale slot cars, and can be converted to DIGITAL at some point if desired.  The Carrera EVOLUTION line of slot cars are analog only 1/32 scale slot cars that offer a great value, given the detail and performance.