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These are exciting times if you have ever been interested in rocketry or space exploration.  Commercial companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are opening up new opportunities for satellites and space tourism, and NASA is planning to send astronauts back to the Moon and on to Mars!  You can share in the excitement of this new space age by building and launching your own model rockets, hundreds or thousands of feet into the blue skies.

Model Rocketry started in the late 1950’s inspired by a whole generation growing up during the space race to land a man on the moon.  Estes industries developed the first mass produced solid propellant rocket motors to propel rockets made of cardboard, balsa wood, and plastic several hundred feet into the air.  Since those early days, model rocketry has grown into many facets including rocket powered gliders, egg-lofting payloaders, electronic payloads such as altimeters and GPS trackers, more powerful mid-power motors, as well as organized events across the country sponsored by the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).  Model rocketry is a great introduction to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) hobby that can grow as your skills grow!

Here at BRS Hobbies, we stock all the products and information you need to get started.  From complete starter sets that include an easy to build low power rocket and launch system to advanced mid-power rockets that provide heart-pounding launches.  For those that want to try designing their own futuristic spacecraft, we have all the components and building materials you need to turn that idea into reality.  Our friendly staff is here to answer any questions you have to get you on your way to exploring the upper reaches of the atmosphere!